Rosh HaShanah During COVID-19

This is the time when we want to get together with family and friends, sit down to a lovely meal and celebrate together. If you were planning on expanding your bubble, or changing the protocols for it, please don’t.

Holidays and simchas are ideal ways to spread COVID-19. It has been spreading via family and friends. Your bubble must be limited to ten people. You can catch this from people you love. According to Dr David Kaplan, Chief of Clinical Quality at Ontario Health: “We are seeing transmission among family and friends because people are letting their guard down and being lax (the perception that we know our family and they are not a risk).”

Don’t take chances, follow the protocols. You owe it to yourselves, to your loved ones and to the greater community.

Please have a happy, healthy and safe new year. Shana tova.

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