Shofar B’Tsibbur – Rosh Hashanah Public Shofar Sounding Events

The Toronto Board of Rabbis is proud to help coordinate public shofar soundings this Rosh HaShanah.  Below are participating synagogues and the areas they serve. Please contact the synagogues directly to register. This list will be regularly updated as new information becomes available.

Adath Israel                                                   Bathurst & Wilson

Beth David                                                     Clanton Park/Bathurst Manor/Armour Heights

Beth Emeth                                                    Bathurst Manor

Beth Tzedec Congregation                          Forest Hill

Cityshul, First Narayever and Makom       Downtown

Danforth Jewish Circle                                  Riverdale/East End

Darchei Noam                                                 Bathurst Manor

Holy Blossom Temple                                    Forest Hill

Temple Har Zion                                             Thornhill/Markham



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