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Rabbinical Statement on the UCC’s Proposed Resolutions on Antisemitism & Israel

January 11, 2022

Canadian Rabbinic Caucus
Montreal Board of Rabbis
Rabbinical Assembly – Ontario Region
Rabbinical Association of Vancouver (RAV)
Reform Rabbis of Canada
Toronto Board of Rabbis

As Canadian Rabbis from across the country who span the denominational spectrum, we strongly condemn resolutions on Israel and antisemitism currently under consideration by the United Church of Canada preparatory to the 2022 General Council.

We believe in peace in the Holy Land. We hope for Israelis and Palestinians to live in peace, with the legitimate national aspirations of both the Jewish and the Palestinian peoples fulfilled.

We believe that Christian organizations seeking to advance the wellbeing of the peoples of the Holy Land must begin by ensuring that they acknowledge and recognize historic tendencies that demonized the Jewish people. Purifying themselves of this legacy includes both avoiding the use of pejorative language that incites Jew-hatred and reflecting – rather than ignoring – the post-Holocaust Jewish-Christian dialogue work, undertaken in awareness that Christian anti-Judaism was a contributing factor to the genocide.

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Letter to the Toronto District School Board Trustees

The Toronto Board of Rabbis represents rabbis from across the Jewish movements. The synagogues and organizations we serve have members who work for the TDSB and children who attends schools in the TDSB.

In the past number of months there has been a growing concern in our community due to recent antisemitic events in the schools. Staff members and families with children in the schools are afraid to speak out.

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Statement in Support of No Silence on Race

“Justice, justice shall you pursue.” This statement from Deuteronomy 16:20 animates us as Jews, as rabbis, and as community leaders. Therefore, the Toronto Board of Rabbis takes seriously the call to action from No Silence on Race.

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