COVID-19 and Communal Responsibility

“Take utmost care and guard your nefesh (life) scrupulously.” Deut. 4:9 With the approach of Purim and Pesach, and despite the sorrow that not being able to gather causes, we must remain steadfast in our commitment to follow all laws and regulations to help stop the spread of COVID-19, including wearing masks, washing hands, social […]

Hanukkah and COVID-19

Every year, Hanukkah brings much needed light into our long winter days. There is the joy of lighting the Hanukkiyah, playing dreidel, eating Hanukkah foods, and most importantly, celebrating with family and friends. Beyond physical illumination, Hanukkah carries a message of light and hope for the future. This year, we need this light more than […]

Statement on Threat to Mosques

The Toronto Board of Rabbis condemns the threats and hate messages against two Toronto mosques. This despicable act closely follows the September 12th murder of Mohamed-Aslim Zafis who was serving as an attendant at his mosque’s entrance. We pray that the Toronto Police Service’s investigation into this crime will result in a quick resolution and that […]

Sukkot and COVID-19

Sukkot is z’man simchateinu, the season of our joy.  As we celebrate we must still be mindful of maintaining proper protocols at this time.  Most sukkot in a private dwelling fall under the category of “private indoor gathering” as defined by the province.  As of October 2, we have been asked to limit contact to members […]

Rosh HaShanah During COVID-19

This is the time when we want to get together with family and friends, sit down to a lovely meal and celebrate together. If you were planning on expanding your bubble, or changing the protocols for it, please don’t. Holidays and simchas are ideal ways to spread COVID-19. It has been spreading via family and […]